The materials a structural steel fabricator works with – I beam, H beam, channel, angle, hollow tube, plate and bar – by themselves are not particularly interesting, and certainly not inspiring.  Yet, with the imagination of a gifted architect and in the hands of talented fabricators, they have come together to comprise some truly inspirational structures.

And while the work of fabricating and assembling steel beamed monuments is often romanticized as noble, honest "man's work", there's nothing especially noble about struggling to make a profit because the equipment you use to drill, cut and cope structural steel beams is from a bygone era. Today's advanced technology for steel beam fabrication is fast, precise and flexible. It helps fabricators craft both inspirational structures and inspirational income statements for their businesses. PythonX is the hallmark of this new generation of advanced steel beam fabricating technology.

             PythonX advanced fabrication for structural steel beams

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Plasma Cutting Structural
Steel Fabrication

Plate and sheet steel fabricators have been using plasma cutting for 20 years . . . but only in 2D.
'3D' use of plasma technology is making waves in structural fab.

Beyond The Beam Drill Line
Traditional CNC beam drill lines
by Controlled Automation or
Ficep are quickly losing out to PythonX. Why? The traditional machines drill bolt holes, but cannot cope, notch, scribe, cut-to-length or bevel cut.

SDS/2, Tekla and StruCAD Linked Fabrication Machines

The same part files detailers specify during building design
are invaluable in BIM, stress analysis and connection details. They've also become invaluable
in deriving machine instructions for CNC fabrication equipment.

New Fabricating Equipment
For Structural Steel

A 'full line' of machines, one for every function, is an approach followed by equipment OEMs for years. Is more really better? Owners of PythonX machines offer a resounding "NO !"

Beam Coping Made Easy
Beam coping has long been considered the most difficult, error-prone job in the fab shop. PythonX makes 'picture perfect' copes for steel beams as easy
as drilling a bolt hole.

The new way to fabricate structural steel beams  

Structural Steel Beam, Tube, Channel & Other Materials Fabricated With Record Productivity

Structural steel is the "backbone" of multi-story structures the world over. The immense weight and size of many structural steel beams make transport over long distance uneconomical, therefore, structural steel fabrication centers are located within a short distance (100 miles) of the bulk of their customers.

That means there are a LOT of structural steel fabrication shops, and the majority of them do not achieve a truly high volume of output. Lacking high volume, it's always been tough to get high productivity and a competitive cost advantage.

Until now. The PythonX Structural Steel Fabrication System uses advanced robotic and plasma cutting technology to bring unprecedented productivity to virtually any fabrication shop, regardless of size. With PythonX, structural steel beam, channel, angle, plate and HSS is fabricated very quickly and accurately in one single pass through this extraordinary steel beam fabricating machine.

PythonX not only turns out excellent fabricated steel beams quickly, it also drastically reduces the labor content of those finished beams.  Its intelligent automation eliminates the need to measure and layout cuts on the workpiece. It eliminates the need to program the cuts into the CNC control. Its versatility – being able to produce all the required cuts holes and piece marks in a single pass – eliminates a great deal of material handling that burdens the fabrication shop.

What Features Can
PythonX Produce ?
  • Structural Bolt Holes
  • Miter/Cut-to-Length
  • Slots & Notches
  • Complex Copes
  • Scribe/Piece Marks
  • Weld Prep Bevel Cuts

A Beam Line, Coping Torch, Plate Center, Angle Line and Bandsaw Combined In One Machine

The Genius of PythonX is that this one machine is a replacement for the beam drill line, bandsaw, angle line, and on and on. PythonX can perform virtually all the cutting, drilling and marking operations a structural steel fabrication shop performs on steel beams.

If you no longer need those traditional fabrication machines, you don't need the floorspace they occupy. You don't need the extra space and labor involved in moving 'beams-in-process' between those machines. You won't have the rework associated with layout or programming mistakes made when using those traditional machines.

That's why we say PythonX "Squeezes The Cost Out of Structural Fabrication."  It squeezes out labor cost, squeezes down floorspace requirements and puts the squeeze on rework. That gives you the freedom to expand capacity without adding new personnel or a new expansion to your building.

next generation structural steel beam fabrication

For The Widest Variety Of Structural Steel Beams

PythonX fabricates a greater range of structural sections and sizes than any traditional fabricating machine. From small 3"x3" angle to W36x300 structural steel beams to thick-walled square tube, it has the capability to process 95% of a structural fabrication shop's typical material requirements.

PythonX's 'electronic touch' sensing capability even allows it to compensate for beam dimensional anomalies. The torch head accurately measures the location and dimensions of the beam, using this information to recalculate the cutting path to correct for out-of-spec material. This lets PythonX salvage bent, cambered and other defective steel beams so as to reduce rework in the fab shop and material rejection at the job site.

The PythonX Hypertherm plasma torch can edge cut material up to 2" thick for cut-to-length, copes and notches. It can pierce material up to 1.25" thick for holes and slots. A traditional bandsaw can "wander" when cutting thick column sections where and start to break off teeth. By contrast, PythonX gives you consistently square cuts that easily meet an 80%+ bearing requirement.

Consistent accuracy can be difficult with traditional fabrication machines, but it's 'no problem' with PythonX. It is accurate to within 1/32" over the length of the beam, and it maintains that accuracy over time because its positional repeatability is 0.0026".

The growing fraternity of  PythonX users agree that its advanced technology helps them operate their businesses for productively and more profitably. Contact Burlington Automation to learn how it can do the same for you. We'll provide a free DVD with videos of PythonX making virtually any cut you can think of, or arrange for a live 'in person' demo.

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